Festival Solos, Book 1

by Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge, with unaccompanied snare drum solos by Dave Hagedorn

Festival Solos is a collection of solo literature (Grade 1) perfect for contests, festivals, concerts, and private study. Each of the 15 instrumental part books comes with an instrument-specific CD containing a demonstration recording with piano accompaniment for each solo, plus a play- along accompaniment only track. Program notes for each solo are included in each book, and a Piano Accompaniment book is available separately for performance or practice with a live accompanist. Since each instrumental part book includes the same titles, all solos can be rehearsed in a group situation as well as individually, saving valuable teaching time for classroom band directors!

  • Melody
  • Springtime Waltz
  • March from "Scipio"
  • Menuett
  • Wooden Shoe Dance
  • Cavatina
  • Capriccio
  • Dance Song
  • Bagatelle
  • Country Dance
  • Serenade from "Don Giovanni"
  • Concert Etude
  • St. Anthony Chorale and Rondo
  • Minuetto
  • Country Gardens