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Interactive Practice Studios™

Interactivity for Both Students & Teachers! Powered by Pyware!

For Students:

The Interactive Practice Studio (IPS) is a new environment designed to make student practice more fun and productive and to help teachers integrate technology use in the classroom more conveniently and efficiently. The IPS provides instant access to:

  • Recorded accompaniments
  • Video lessons
  • Biographical and historical information
  • Reference recordings
  • Maps and illustrations
  • Fun facts
  • A metronome/tuner
  • Notation software
  • And so much more - all in one location

It is also perfect for interactive whiteboard use.

For Teachers:

the Interactive Teacher Studio (ITS) is available using a unique User License code that comes with each Tradition of Excellence Conductor Score. In addition to all the features listed under the Students' version, the ITS also provides access to:

  • Teacher Assistants, which provide line-specific reminders from the authors dealing with challenges, objectives, and enrichment opportunities.
  • Full Lesson Plans with Objectives, National Standards addressed, Procedure (Activities), Evaluation and Enrichment Studies.
  • Answer Keys to comprehensive quizzes that appear througthout the score, and printable versions of the quizzes.
  • Rubrics, Forms, Letters — all read to use. Many can also be tailored for your class and printed.
  • Composer Worksheets for projection, study, print, and assignment.
  • Country Worksheets for projection, study, print, and assignment.
  • Instrument-Specific Videos for:
        — Flute
        — Oboe
        — Clarinet
        — Bassoon
        — Alto Saxophone
        — Tenor Saxophone
        — Baritone Saxophone
        — Trumpet/Coronet
        — Baritone/Euphonium B.C. and T.C
        — Tuba and Tuba T.C.
        — Eb Tuba
        — Electric Bass
        — Alto Clarinet
        — Bass Clarinet
        — F Horn
        — Eb Horn
        — Trombone and Trombone T.C.
        — Percussion
        — Snare Drum
        — Mallett Percussion
        — Auxilliary Percussion