Method Books

Recorder Excellence

by Bruce Pearson and Wendy Barden

Recorder Excellence is so much MORE than just the Best Recorder Method on the Market!

With Recorder Excellence students will understand music and its place in our world's diverse history, while singing, creating, and performing. At its heart, Recorder Excellence is a great method. In its soul, it opens up the world of music in a whole new way.

Recorder Excellence creates success for your student through:

  • Playing: Opens the world of music to beginners through the recorder. Play-Along accompaniments, meaningful assessment, and computer-based real-time feedback assists students' growth as recorder players, and provides a solid foundation for study of other musical instruments.
  • Singing: Develops students' love of music with familiar, classical, and folk songs from around the world. Singing becomes a path to greater musicianship.
  • Creating: Introduces beginning students to composition, improvisation, and exploration of music and the related arts.
  • Understanding: Includes Music Reading, Notation & Theory, Form & Analysis, Interdisciplinary Enrichments, and Music History & Appreciation.

The Recorder Excellence kit is complete with:

  • Full-color instruction book
  • Recorder and accessories
  • CD with accompaniments and IPAS software
  • Interactive DVD
  • Microphone for use with IPAS software
"Everyone-at all ages-should receive the gift of music, for it enriches the soul and exalts the human spirit. In Recorder Excellence, students learn to play an instrument, and so much more. At school or at home, in class or just for fun, they travel the road to excellence and come to understand music and its place in our World's diverse history, all while experiencing the joys of singing, composing, improvising, and performing. Join us on this amazing journey!" Bruce Pearson & Wendy Barden