Method Books

Standard of Excellence Music Theory & History

Correlated with Standard of Excellence Books 1, 2 and 3 are full-color Music Theory & History Workbooks. This integral part of the Standard of Excellence curriculum sets the course for a lifetime of music appreciation.

Workbooks 1 and 2 are divided into parts. Part One includes music theory information and written exercises; Part Two features music history reading assignments and written activities.

Workbook 3 concentrates more fully on music theory. History is correlated to the theory pages teaching students the origins of theoretical concepts they are learning.

Also available is the Teacher's Edition. Each Teacher's Edition includes answer keys to the corresponding Standard of Excellence Music Theory & History Workbook, with a full-size reproduction of each student page and easy-to-read answers in color. Also included are photocopyable quizzes designed for assessment of student mastery of material. Written with the busy teacher in mind, the quizzes are easy to grade - students can even correct them for each other! This is a must for the teacher who desires to reinforce material in a minimum amount of classroom time.