Method Books

iPAS Success Story

Early in the development phase of the software we gave a copy to Michael, a San Diego middle-school clarinet player who had recently dropped out of band. We gave him a copy of Standard of Excellence ENHANCED Comprehensive Band Method (accompaniment recordings and the iPAS Practice and Assessment Software included). We didn't tell him how to load or use the software. We didn't tell him to get back to us with feedback. We simply gave him a copy and waited to see what would happen.

He took the book on a Friday and by the following Monday he had emailed us an iPAS test he had recorded over the weekend. With the iPAS software, you can email test lines that contain your percentage correct (see Figure 2 for a screenshot of an assessment) and a sound file (containing a recording of the scored assessment). He had practiced the line and performed several tests until his score reached 98% (100% notes, 96% rhythm). His emailed recording of this performance ended with him exclaiming triumphantly "That was awesome!"(click here to hear Michael's performance).

We talked with his mother who told us that her son took the book into the den on Friday, loaded the software, plugged in a microphone and started practicing. She said that Michael locked himself in the den all weekend. Sunday afternoon he proudly emerged and asked his parents to come listen to his recording. Michael's mother put it best - "We used to complain he never practiced, now we couldn't make him stop."