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Bruce Pearson is an internationally recognized music educator, author, composer, clinician and conductor. His newest band method, Tradition of Excellence, offers the most advanced interactive curriculum that is second-to-none. His best selling band method, Standard of Excellence, has provided a solid foundation for scores of music education programs around the world. His extensive correlated repertoire has helped music educators expand their programs to reinforce learning through performance.

Additionally, Bruce Pearson personally imparts his 30+ years of experience to music educators through no-cost clinics designed to improve, invigorate and enhance music programs.

To purchase Bruce Pearson's books and sheet music, please contact your favorite music retailer. A list of retailers and online stores can be found through Neil A. Kjos Company.

latest releases
Excellence in Theory

Excellence in Theory is especially designed to creatively enrich the curriculums of beginning Instrumental, Choral, and General Music Classes! It’s all here – Theory and Ear Training, Notation, Composition, and History complete in three volumes.

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In Person Clinics with Bruce Pearson

Learn new techniques and invigorate your teaching staff! Schedule a clinic AT NO COST TO YOU today!

Customize your clinic with workshops that address a variety of topics, including expressive playing, recruiting and retaining students, balancing ensembles, matching students to instruments, new materials, maximizing rehearsal time, teaching percussion for the non-percussionist teacher and more!

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